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We are living in a cutting edge time where science; traditional medicinal practices and modern medicine are combining as an extraordinary force to help us understand who we truly are by mapping our genes, lifestyle and environment

This has helped us understand that our lives are not predestined by our genes.

We do have the opportunity to specifically nourish our cells with what will help our unique bodies thrive. 

What if I could help you explore the optimum foods just for you, your natural talents, what makes your mind tick, ways to help you move, understand what you need socially to connect, the most supportive environment for you to live in... Everything truly personalised FOR YOU-
would you be ready to discover it right now?

Learning who we truly are is the most special gift we can give ourselves and all of those around us. 

tessa bailey

naturopath | massage therapist | educator

the wellness mill - 5 mill street - nambour - qld - 4560
  • Tessa Bailey Naturopath
  • Tessa Bailey Naturopath
  • Tessa Bailey Naturopath
  • Tessa Bailey Naturopath
Urban Zen

Epigenetic Coaching 

We are all unique - find out what makes your body thrive

Tea Infusion


Nutrition, herbal medicine, dietary analysis, blood & urine pathology

Back Massage

Massage Therapy

Remedial & Relaxation for stress & muscle tension

What is really right for me? 

Have you lost your way?
Unsure of what is really right for you?
Confused if you're meant to be following a keto, paleo or vegan diet?
Tried HIIT training every morning but still not shifting weight? 

Look at a croissant and feel the weight shifting straight to your hips?

It's easy to feel lost in the fog of social media, instagram stories, magazines and multi-level marketting businesses; they all cloud our ability to listen to what are bodies are really trying to tell us. 

Tessa's mission as a Naturopath and Epigenetic Health Coach is to help you discover and understand your UNIQUENESS and why tailoring a holistic health program specifically for you will change your life mentally, emotionally and physically.  


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The Wellness Mill

5 Mill Street | Nambour | QLD | 4560
Tel. 0457 768 779

Thank you so much for your message. Looking forward to being in touch as soon as possible! Warm regards, Tessa