Tessa Bailey 
Tessa is a degree-qualified Naturopath who considers herself an educator and a catalyst for changing people's health holistically. 
She is also a Massage Therapist and practices progressive kinesiology. Tessa has worked and managed a multi-modality health clinic, has taught Natural Medicine students and presented health-related workshops. 

Completing the Epigenetic Coaching Course was life changing for Tessa as it helped her gain such an in-depth understanding of her clients in every aspect of their life. It filled Tessa with hope and joy for the future of medicine- an incredible time where the ancient traditional sciences were melded with the most up to date scientific literature. What a time to be alive! 

Bachelor Health Science- Naturopathy 
Diploma Remedial Massage

Live Blood Microscopy

Pregnancy Massage 

Foundations Progressive Kinesiology 
PH360 Personalised Epigenetic Health Coach

Professional Association - ANTA 7332

Qualifies for Private Health Rebates 

On a Personal Note 

Life experience has heavily interwoven how Tessa practices as a clinician. In her teens, she rode a rollercoaster filled with loss, anxiety and panic attacks, leading her to find new avenues of help which happened to be Naturopathy and Kinesiology. It gave her tools to not only help her cope with and respond to stress, but also helped ongoing skin issues resolve themselves. 

Tessa grew up on a farm and was always nurturing animals or making aromatherapy concoctions in her grandmother's rose garden. Funnily enough, Tessa now has her own rose garden where she spends plenty of time with her daughter, teaching her how to identify and use plants medicinally. 

Tessa is passionate about education, self-acceptance and self-empowerment being the keys to change and long-lasting effects on people's overall health and wellbeing.