Massage Therapy


Having a massage with Tessa can be individually tailored to your needs on the day. She uses a fusion of techniques and styles from Swedish Massage, Remedial Techniques, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping and Energy Balancing.

What are the benefits of massage?

- Helps reduce pain

- Improves oxygenation of cells

- Improves lymphatic drainage

- Helps joint range of motion

- May help relieve anxiety and tension

- Induces relaxation 

What can you expect from a treatment?

- To feel relaxed and supported

- Reduced muscle tension, improved circulation

- To be truly listened to

- Professional draping of towels to always feel comfortable and safe

- Nurturing environment that you can express your emotions if they arise during a treatment

What should you do before a massage?

- Ensure that you are not running late for your appointment. Having a moment to sit down before your treatment can be helpful to fully relax

- Do not drink a lot of water or have a large meal prior to a massage (you will be asked to drink more water following the treatment

- Go to the toilet before laying on the table

- If it is your first appointment, bring along your questionnaire

-Try to give as much information as possible about any pain you are experiencing and describe what type of massage you would like on the day . Eg. I feel like gentle aromatherapy massage without talking today

- Give feedback about pressure during the massage. If something is too deep, uncomfortable or too painful please speak up as it can help tailor the most effective and personalised massage for you to enjoy on the day.

When should you avoid having a massage?

- When you are dizzy or feeling faint

- When you have just been in an accident

- When you are sunburnt

- If you have a fever / contagious rash or contagious illness