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Naturopathic Appointments 

Personalised Epigenetic Health Platform  - 90 mins

Includes thorough health examination, extensive body measurements, creation of website and personalised app that includes personalised strategies regarding your food choices, recipes, mindset, career, social life, emotional health and exercise. 

Initial Naturopathic Consultation - 90 mins

Includes thorough health examination, exploring physical, mental, emotional, environmental health markers, iris-nail-tongue analysis, blood pressure, blood or saliva if required, weight. Prescriptions may include nutritional medicine, individual herbal formulations, aromatherapy oils, exercises, dietary changes and/or lifestyle adjustment strategies

Resetting of Mindset and Behaviours - 60mins

Techniques to help your health goals become a reality and stick to new behaviour changes. This is an essential appointment to really understand how to enhance your health. 

Child Naturopathic Consultation - 60 mins

Follow Up Consultations- 60min or 40 mins 

Mini Consultation for Acute Conditions- 20 mins

ZOOM consults available for existing clients 
Home Consultations - Priced Upon Request 



Additional costs may  also include prescribed medicines and further referrals to specific pathology labatories to test for any of the following: parasites, yeasts, bacteria, vitamin and mineral status, hormone essays, environmental toxin exposure or food allergens.