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What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a degree-trained Health Professional that assists people with their acute or chronic health issues. 


They aim to:
- Try to find the cause of symptoms

- Prevent the symptoms from getting worse or reoccurring

- Treat the whole person

- Combine both up to date scientific evidence and traditional knowledge from the fields of Nutritional and Herbal Medicine.

What they don't do:

- They do not diagnose disease states, however are more focused on educating their clients to alter their dietary and lifestyle habits as a form of preventative health care. 


What is a Naturopath able to prescribe?


- Nutritional Supplements

- Herbal Medicines which may be given in the form of tinctures, capsules, douches, compresses, pessaries, teas, suppositories or creams. 

- Flower Essences

- Lifestyle Advice

- Stress-relieving Techniques

- Body Care Therapies eg. compress, creams, scrubs, body brush, lymphatic drainage, self-massage. 

- Aromatherapy Oils - inhalations, creams, oils, gels

- Dietary Advice

- Exercise

- Homeopathy

- Affirmations 


Can you see a Naturopath at the same time as a Doctor?


It is highly beneficial to work with a Naturopath alongside a Doctor. Naturopaths have been  trained about specific medications and particular nutrient deficiencies they may cause and can help assist you accordingly. Prescriptions from a Naturopath do not interfere with your medications and Naturopaths will often refer to your doctor for updated blood test pathology, further investigations or other health-related referrals.